Museum Decorum


How to Visit a Museum

Museum Decorum:

  • Most museums prefer quiet in an effort not to disturb guests as they enjoy their experience. Sankofa Children’s Museum is no exception.
  • Checking coats and bags allows freedom of movement without creating potential for accidents in exhibit spaces. Parents and chaperones will help in this process.
  • Avoid crowding around exhibit pieces.  Follow the directions of docents who manage the group for the good of the guests, and museum pieces.
  • Avoid stepping in front of people to view the pieces.  You may have to wait your turn.
  • Although Children’s Museums promote fun as well as learning, it is not a playground.  Exhibits and art pieces are usually quite expensive and great care should be taken to preserve them by both the museum and the guests.
  • DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING until instructed to do so!! You may be allowed to touch when programming permits, so please wait for instructions.
  • Museums are “No Phone Zones” unless used in conjunction with programming that requires their use.  Phone conversations should be postponed until after the visit or taken away from the exhibit areas. To get the full museum experience, stay focused.
  • No Flash Photos Please!  It can appear like a bolt of lightning that can be jarring to other guests. Some museums might even prohibit picture taking.  Ask permission or look for appropriate signage.
  • Selfie Sticks are a no-no, as they can be an added distraction. 
  • When participating in activities with a group, keep up and stay with your group so that the time allotted can be well spent, rather than continually pulling the group together from one experience to the next.
  • Chaperones must ALWAYS stay with children to ensure safety for the group and the museum.
  • Leaning on walls is not permitted because the walls are part of the visual experience and must be kept clean and unmarred.
  • Eating and drinking in the museum are also prohibited.

Parents and Chaperones: Some additional things to know before your visit:

  • Each phase of your visit will be led by a docent who is trained in the culture and leading the experience.  It is important to keep the students in order, so that the time is used most efficiently.
  • Each museum experience will last about 20 minutes. 10 minutes of each half hour will allow for entering the space, exiting the space and any cleanup that might need to take place.  Students will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves and putting things away. Engaged chaperones MUST help speed the process along.
  • Sankofa Children’s Museum cannot accommodate lunch or snack times.  We have no space for seating students for meals. There may be occasions when food tasting may happen as part of museum programming. 
  • The most important rule of all is ENJOY YOUR VISIT!!