What Is Sankofa Children’s Museum of African Cultures?

The Sankofa Children’s Museum of African Cultures, Inc. aims to educate, inspire and connect children from all walks of life to the vast physical and cultural diversity of the African continent. We want to promote world understanding through engagement with art, cultures, the geography and history of Africa’s myriad diversities and its many great contributions to society as a whole.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Hon. Marcus Garvey

We aim to provide much-needed knowledge of Africa, through play and other interactive activities, to school children in Baltimore and beyond. We hope, through these activities to cultivate their interest in African cultures and hopefully encourage a love of learning of other cultures.

As a premier African Cultural children’s museum in the Mid-Atlantic region, Sankofa Children’s Museum of African Cultures will seek to educate, inspire, and connect children from all walks of life to discover and experience a true African odyssey. 

Our exhibits will bring to life a missing element in the lives of young people particularly African American children. We do not believe that African history begins with slavery or the Civil Rights Movement as it is currently perceived. Nor should African history be taught in American public schools only during Black History Month. Unfortunately this seems to be the norm.

Rather, we believe that African history and culture should be made available to people of all cultures and especially in African American communities. It should be a vital part of everyday life, relevant and vitally important for the self esteem and self image of each young person. They should feel a sense of pride and feel connected to a land with a vast and rich culture.

SCMAC will:

  • Provide a safe, learning environment to engage children in hands-on experiences through play, performances, classes, dance, and other interactive programs. Our goal is to empower them with knowledge so that they feel more confident, proud, and connected to a rich culture and to have more engaged lives.
  • Have a positive influence on each child’s family, academic, and community life.
  • Play an intricate role in reshaping a disenfranchised community culturally in Maryland and beyond, with cultural awareness and excellence. 


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